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Election Night

2020 / Drama

The award winning story of two organizers, one a rookie, one a veteran, at an empty campaign office on Election Night 2018.

  • Wrtiten, Produced, and Directed Peter Zerzan
  • Produced Micheal J. Payton
  • Cast Sam Jackson, Brennan Pickman-Thoon, Karen Kahn
  • Director of Photography Luis Montoya
  • Production Designer Paulie Anne Duke
  • Editor David Santamaria
  • Storyboard Rebbeca Silvers


The Extraction

2022 / Action

The action filled story of a spy, trying to get important information to her handlers, while being chased by Russian agents all over San Francisco.

  • Wrtiten, Produced, and Directed Peter Zerzan
  • Executive Producer Micheal J. Payton
  • Cast Teresa Navarro, Nick Trengove, Ego Mikitas, Cascius Lafleur, Katie Karel,Natalie Renier-Bertolucchi, Emma Attwood, Cabe Thompson
  • Costume and Wardorobe Paulie Ann Duke
  • Cinematography Sam Hicks
  • Editing Meg Igarashi
  • Score Ayaka Nakamoto